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Generic Lease Agreement

Generic Lease Agreement

Our high quality easy-to-use legal forms are designed to help protect your rights and to save you time and money. Our forms have been prepared by attorneys and include information and checklists to guide you. Get immediate access to your forms after you purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, you can rely on our no risk 100% money back guarantee.

  • Commercial Lease Combo Packages

    Popular Commercial Lease Combo Package containing the forms most frequently used by landlords who lease commercial properties. This combo includes a commercial lease agreement, sublease for all or a partial part of the commercial property and a lease amendment agreement. Also included is a move-in and move-out checklist for landlord's use.

  • Equipment Lease Combo Packages

    Popular Equipment Lease Combo Package which contains lease forms most commonly used by those who lease various types of equipment. An Equipment Lease Agreement is included, as well as an Assignment of an Equipment Lease.

  • Lease Form Combo Packages

    Popular Lease Form Combo Packages which contain the forms most frequently used by landlords when leasing commercial or residential properties. Included are leases, subleases, assignments, notices and letters for use by landlords and tenants. These are some of our most popular forms

  • Premier Residential Lease Combo Packages

    Popular - Premier Residential Lease Combo Packages which include the forms landlords most often need when renting residential property. Included are lease forms, consents to sublease and a comprehensive checklist to be used before and after a tenant occupies a premises.

  • Residential Lease Agreements

    Popular - Residential Lease Agreements for use when renting residential property. These leases include a residential lease, lease with option to purchase, apartment leases and leases for use when renting to roommates.

  • Residential Rental Applications

    Popular - Residential Rental Application which will assist in screening a tenant. This application requests information about the applicant's prior rental history and credit, bank and personal references.

  • Amendment to Lease

    Lease Amendment to be used when an existing lease must be amended. This amendment sets out the terms which will remain the same and those which are changed or amended.

  • Charter Boat Rental Agreement

    Charter Boat Rental Agreement is for use when chartering a boat from a company or private owner. This agreement contains all relevant terms including time of rental, rental amount and the boat's navigation limits.

  • Commercial Lease Agreements

    Commercial Lease Agreements used when leasing commercial property. These forms include lease and sublease documents, termination and extension agreements and tenant applications for both leases and subleases. An Occupancy Agreement is also included.

  • Equipment Lease Agreements

    Equipment Lease Agreements to be used when leasing equipment. These forms include an equipment lease, amendment and termination agreements and an agreement which will extend the terms of an existing equipment lease.

  • Equipment Lease Assignment

    Equipment Lease Assignment is used when one party assigns an existing equipment lease to another. This form sets out the names of the parties, description of the leased equipment and the date when the assignment becomes effective.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Equipment Rental forms to be used when renting items such as bicycles, boats, ATV's, costumes, skates or surf boards or personal watercraft. These rental agreements set out all rental terms including cost, length of rental and assumption of all risks.

  • Farm Lease Agreement

    Farm Lease Agreement to be used by a landlord when renting a farm. This lease agreement sets out all relevant terms including term of rental, amount, who is responsible for any damage to the property and if the tenant is allowed to make alterations to the farm property.

  • Furniture Lease Agreement

    Furniture Lease Agreement to be used when leasing furniture for either business or residential purposes. This form sets forth the relevant terms including lease term, payment provisions, details about the furniture item and purchase options if any.

  • Garage Lease Agreements

    Garage Lease Agreement for use when renting a garage. This agreement sets out the amount of monthly rental, lease term, how the garage premises may be used and if the lease may be assigned or sublet to another.

  • Landlord Consent to Sublease

    Landlord Consent to Sublease for use when a tenant desires to sublease an apartment, house or room to another party and must have the landlord's consent. This consent form contains all relevant provisions including location of the property and who is responsible for any default of the lease. This form must be signed by the landlord in order to be valid.

  • Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment

    Landlord's Consent to Lease Assignment is used by a tenant in order to gain a landlord's consent when assigning a lease to another party. This consent contains all relevant provisions and sets forth who is responsible for any lease default.

  • Lease Agreements

    Lease Agreement forms to be used when renting residential property. These forms include all relevant provisions, including lease term, amount of monthly payment and default remedies. Included are a room lease, month-to- month lease and a lease with option to purchase.

  • Lease Extension Agreement

    Lease Extension Agreements in both English and Spanish. This extension form will effectively extend a lease without entering into an entirely new lease agreement. It also sets out any lease provisions which may be changed due to the extension.

  • Lease Termination Agreement

    Lease Termination Agreement which will terminate a lease prior to the end of its term. This agreement contains provisions regarding obligations which may remain under the existing lease and if any termination fees will be assessed.

  • Mobile Home Leases and Agreements

    Mobile Home Leases and Agreements for use when leasing a mobile home. This lease form sets out detailed specifics including the amount of monthly rent, term of the lease and if the tenant may sublet or assign the lease.

  • Mobile Home Lot Lease Agreement

    Mobile Home Lot Lease Agreement for use by a landlord when renting a mobile home lot. This agreement sets out the location of the lot, term of the lease and amount of monthly rent. It also sets forth the obligations of both the park owner and the tenant.

  • Move-In and Move-Out Inspection Checklist

    This Move-In and Move-Out Inspection Checklist clearly documents the condition of rental property before and after a tenant moves in. It documents the condition of the premises, including appliances, walls and yard, and will be useful in deciding whether a security deposit should be returned to a tenant.

  • Notices for Leases and Rentals

    Notices forms which relate to landlord or tenant matters. Included are a notice to quit, notice to vacate and notice of default under a lease. Other notices relate to terminating a lease or performing a service within the leased premises.

  • Office Lease Agreement

    Office Lease Agreement used by landlords when leasing an unfurnished office. This agreement sets out relevant provisions including lease term, rental payments and late fees, default remedies and use of common areas.

  • Personal Property Rental Agreements

    Personal Property Renal Agreements to be used by individuals who rent personal property to others. These agreements set out all important provisions including rental term, amount and description of the property. Agreements for complex and simple transactions are included.

  • Photo Studio Rental Agreement

    Photo Studio Rental Agreement is for use by a photographer and a photo studio. This rental agreement sets forth the rental amount and term, equipment the studio will furnish and hours in which the studio may be rented.

  • Receipts (Rent & Deposits)

    Receipts for use when renting or leasing property. These receipts include the amount paid, date and amount of any unpaid balance. Included are receipts for monthly rents and security deposits.

  • Residential or Commercial Lease Assignment

    Residential or Commercial Lease Assignment forms for use when a tenant assigns a lease. These assignments contain the names of the parties, terms concerning the present tenant's indemnity and assumption of rights and obligations.

  • Roommate Agreements

    Roommate Agreement for use when individuals decide to live together as roommates. This agreement sets out important terms including payment of rent and other expenses, sharing of household duties and if guests will be permitted.

  • Salon Station Lease Agreements

    Salon Station Lease Agreement is between a salon owner and an individual who rents a station within a salon. This agreement sets out rental term, amount of rent and security deposit and if the owner will furnish any equipment for use by renter.

  • Security Deposit Demand Letter

    Security Deposit Demand Letter which will effectively demand that a landlord immediately return a tenant's security deposit. This demand letter states that all obligations of the lease were fulfilled, no rent is owing and that the property was returned without damage beyond ordinary wear and tear.

  • Spanish Forms for Leases and Rentals

    Spanish Forms which are for use by landlord and tenants. Included are lease agreements, notices regarding security deposits and increase in rent and a rental application for use by a prospective tenant.

  • Storage Lease Agreements

    Storage Lease Agreements for use when renting storage space. Included are agreements for a fixed term, month to month and for property storage. These agreements include relevant terms such as rental fee, security deposit and remedies in the event of default.

  • Student Off-Campus Housing Agreement

    Student Off-Campus Housing Agreement is for use by an college or other institution and a student who desires to live off-campus. It contains fees for housing, term and termination procedures.

  • Truck Lease Agreement

    Truck Lease Agreement is used by a company when leasing a truck. This agreement sets out the truck description, lease payment, lease term and who is responsible for any necessary truck repairs.

  • Vacation Property Rental Agreements

    Vacation Property Rental Agreements to be used by an owner who will rent out vacation property. This agreement sets out how the property can be reserved, rental and security deposit fees and how the vacation property can be used.

  • Warehouse Lease Agreement

    Warehouse Lease Agreement is for use when renting a warehouse or space within a warehouse. This agreement sets out the specific location, monthly rent, term and insurance the parties must carry.

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