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Residential Lease Agreements

Residential Lease Agreements

Popular - Residential Lease Agreements for use when renting residential property. These leases include a residential lease, lease with option to purchase, apartment leases and leases for use when renting to roommates.

  • Residential Lease Combo Packages

    Popular Save money with these form combo packages containing the forms landlords most often use.

  • Residential Lease

    Popular - Residential Lease Agreement for use in all states. The document to use by a Landlord to rent a residence to a Tenant.

  • Residential Lease (with Option to Purchase)

    Residential Lease Agreement with an Option to Purchase contains all relevant lease provisions along with an option for the tenant to purchase the property. This lease sets out all provisions including insurance requirements of both parties, amount of monthly rental and security deposit and the price for purchasing the property if the tenant opts to do so.

  • Apartment Lease

    Apartment Lease Agreement for use by a landlord when renting an apartment. This agreement sets forth all relevant provisions including amount of monthly rent and security deposit, prohibited uses, remedies in the event of default and policies regarding utilities and pets.

  • Apartment Lease - Furnished

    Apartments Lease (Furnished) for use by a landlord when renting a furnished apartment to a tenant. This lease form includes provisions regarding monthly rental and security deposit information. This form can be used in all states.

  • House Lease Agreement

    House Lease Agreement which sets forth all relevant provisions of a lease agreement. This agreement is for use by the landlord and sets out all terms including security deposit amount, monthly rental and quiet enjoyment of the property.

  • Month to Month Lease

    Month-to-month Lease for use in all states. This Rental Agreement is a written and binding contract that allows a Landlord (owner of an apartment building, condominium or single-family dwelling) to rent a unit to a Tenant on a month-to-month basis. The Agreement will identify the parties, property, term and amount of rent for the term.

  • Room Lease Agreements

    Room Lease Agreement for use by a landlord when renting a room to a tenant. This agreement sets out the specific terms of the lease in writing.

  • Roommate Agreements

    Roommate Agreement for use when individuals decide to live together as roommates. This agreement sets out important terms including payment of rent and other expenses, sharing of household duties and if guests will be permitted.

  • Spanish Forms

    Selected Lease Agreement forms available in Spanish. These attorney-prepared forms cover a variety of leases and can easily be tailored to fit your needs. Take advantage of an attorney's expertise at a fraction of the cost!

  • Sublease Agreements

    Sublease Agreements for use in all states. A sublease is an agreement used by a residential tenant to sublease part or all of his dwelling to another for a portion or the remainder of his lease term.